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Nova Green is the leading provider of smart, sustainable solutions for catering and food manufacturing industries,
driving increased Productivity, Food Safety and Infection prevention through the integration of new technology-enabled services and systems,
ultimately enhancing our customers end user experience .Our products are designed to meet the food manufacturing industry
standards like HACCP, ISO22000 & BRC.

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  • 1

    Why color coded cleaning tools important in food manufacturing facilities?

    Total Color Coded cleaning equipment greatly assists Quality Assurance and Food Safety Managers requiring interdepartmental or food type segregation who are implementing HACCP systems, and significantly reduces the risk of cross contamination. In “The Food Hygiene Handbook" (Highfield Publications, first published 1982), Richard Sprenger recommends “the use of different colors or shapes as a code to ensure equipment used for raw food is not used for high risk food".

    Total color coded cleaning equipment has become the standard within production facilities of industry leading food and beverage producers. Total color coding essentially means that the fill of the brush is the same color as the plastic back or the handle of a shovel is the same color as the blade. By matching handles to the heads of products it ensures that products are being organized in the correct areas. Total color coded cleaning equipment is now required in order to quickly and easily identify that a product is in the correct color zone. Food and beverage producers not using total color coded cleaning equipment run a higher risk of potential contamination.

    Often within food and beverage production facilities, a number of languages are spoken and this can be a challenge to manage from a quality assurance perspective. By using the total color coded cleaning tools you can reduce the risk of cross-contamination within the workplace. Total color coded cleaning equipment is essential for achieving the industry standards required and for satisfying safety inspector audits.

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    Why food grade metal detectable plastic articles to be used in a food processing plant?

    The metal detectable range has been specifically designed for the food and pharmaceutical industries. By using detectable products from our wide range, food manufacturing/processing and pharmaceutical companies are demonstrating “Reasonable Precaution and Due Diligence”.

    The use of detectable products supports the HACCP and BRC compliance, and many are colour coded to help manage cross contamination. Products have the ability to be detected and rejected by standard metal detection systems and are also x-ray visible. Our range of products are extremely durable and designed to handle the demands of food processing environments.

    Detectable plastic and rubber products prove cost effective against similar stainless steel products. They are also lighter and often more ergonomic to use. You can save money, and perhaps the reputation of your company and your brand, by using detectable products.

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